TV evolution in my life!

At least every one will agree that television series and soap operas are one thing that no matter where the world takes us…be it Trump becoming President… these are going no WHERE! And we the fanatics are here to STAY!

I clearly remember the times I was introduced to tv series. I was young as 11 but mature enough to know that Ethan in passions was hot for my eyes. And I fell in love with the fact that Miguel’s heart was for a vulnerable girl Charity. I loved Timmy because he was a a doll that speaks.” I loved this soap extra much.But then was same thing when I discovered sunset beach, days of our lives, bold and beautiful, young and restless and believe me I watched in secret. My mom better not catch you! You all know what am talking about.

Then I hit puberty. The time where your hormones hit the road. I had so many unrequited crushes and what way to comfort myself. Tuning in on the local channels to watch spanish/mexican telenovelas. Oh my…like series aren’t enough to draw your heart in, so did these never-ending soaps.The drama and twists made sure you stick around even though it would take three years for this particular soap to END! Maria de los Angeles, secreto, woman of my life, gardeners daughter, Theresa, don’t mess with an angel, forbidden passions and everyone’s favourite second chance. 

Because tv discovered high viewers count on telenovelas, yeah, what other way to confuse us more than this! Philipino telenovelas! Captivating too. No list here. Sorry. Okay I will just mention my fav because I feel unjustified. Pangakasayo, the long wait, till morning comes, the promise among others.

A few years later, am an adult now who just returned home from college. And what better way to enjoy the holiday. My brother inserts this CD in the player. He says it is a thrilling movie. Okay…no prob. We all anxious and cant wait to,

“Chinese movie?!” I exclaimed in disbelief. “You want us to watch karate and speeding cars! Really?”

He laughed then. “Korean actually. And you will be surprised. Just stick around.”

Stick around on a korean movie?


Hmm yeah.

Thats what has happened to not only me, but hundreds and millions of people out there! Since 2012 I have stuck around to date. Fortunately it was not a movie. It was an episode of yet more to come episodes! And we couldn’t wait. Iris was my first Korean miniseries and it captivated my soul. But the tragic end left me empty. So I had to find another miniserie to console me. Ju mong a historical type came into my life. Then the list dragged on. Queen, master’s sun, heirs, boys over flowers, flowerboy next door, dong yi, the maid, mirror of the witch, oh my ghostess, secret love, hyde jakyl me etc. So to say, k-drama has been my life…

Alongside current seasonal series like game of thrones, baby daddy, the originals,suits, grays anatomy, Jane the virgin, devious maids, big bang theory, OTNB, Brooklyn nine nine, the flash, empire, 

Until recently when I discovered YouTube. You maybe wondering ‘where in the world was she all along not to know!’

I knew.  

But I didn’t know such a thing like YouTube channels existed! I was in my room when my friend walked in all excited. She showed me a picture of an interracial couple on Instagram. I had no clue what Instagram was all about too lol. I loved the couple though and as a writer, I always have a need to know how different people end up in such romantic relationships.The story behind. She embarked on the journey of telling me how this Australian couple jamieandnikki met and that the lady is sudanese model and guy videographer.

“Just go check them out on their channel. Its called jamieandnikki. You’ll love them.”

What did she mean? So these two were this rich to have a channel?? Gotta check them. “Where do I find them?”

She looked at me with that look. Gal, seriously?

“What?” I asked. “Why you looking at me like that?”

“Because you are the weirdest person I’ve ever known. Where else would they be?”

I shrugged. I had many options. TLC for one is a family channel. It could be on cable too. 

“YouTube you dumbass.”

Woa what? “YouTube is a channel all along!”

I cant explain the shock on her face at my ignorance. But yeah, I was. She had to explain how the channel thing worked. And guess what? I was impressed. I put my kdrama aside to watch this amazing couple. My lord Jesus, I would have stopped somehow for a lunch break, but when YouTube suggestions come up…you definitely got to check out. And that’s how I ended up on the other side of you may like this.

Yes, I liked most of the channels. The nivenulls, patriciabright, adannaanddavid,iisuperwomanii, fusetube, laurdiy, swoozie, jeffreyfever, dolan twins, pewdiepie, ricegum, mystikjokes and I subscribed to most of these because they are so entertaining! The pranks, the ships, the cultures, the family drama…you cant get enough. Woah. And seeing the number of subs and comments, I realized how many people in different parts of the world sit behind their computers to keep up with what’s happening next waiting for a notification that another video has been uploaded. Wow.Now I can’t even tell which new k-dramas are trending! When am not doing my work, am glued to YouTube. 

Well its 2016. Who knows what could come next by 2025?

love always.

national days you may have zero clue about!

And kicking off with this…

And ridiculously I woke up to that radio announcent. Guess the look on my face! Well you can all enjoy this marvelous 4th August by taking your time off and spend it in the kitchen or bakery to celebrate.

However, everyday has its story. Whoever discovered ‘national days’ thank you. So many things to apprepreciate here. I get to skip work. I get to wake up late. I get to gatecrush a movie night. Oops so much. And I get too also Blog and check up my stats. 

Meanwhile as my eyes popped out to the knowledge of celebrating this chocolate chip day, my mind told me the radio presenter must be crazy. Chip day! For real? 

Yes for real. Google answered the QN. National chocolate chip day. And as usual everytime one tries to search a particular item, other related things pop up. August national days. May national days. International days. OK perhaps I have been living in a cave. How come I had no idea? What’s wrong with facebook these days no body posting about it. And am terrible with twitter so I guess I missed. 

But I promise am going to make an effort to participate in the fun. Why??? Because I missed all this!!!

National raspberry cream pie day on 1st August.

 Who wants to miss a sweet delicious pie? Especially made by somebody else. No energy lost. Just chilling back and enjoy the taste.

National Girlfriends Day on 1st August too. 

I missed this one most. Apparently this is for every female species. Daughters. Mothers. Sisters. In-laws. Girlfriends. You decide who you have missed a lot and just go out and feel up the lost time. Shopping. Drinking and eating. Cooking etc.

National Respect for Parents Day. Founded by Marilyn Dalrymple from Lancaster CA was created to recognize all efforts parents put into their children. I missed this one too! Bad moms wasn’t out then but would have loved to see my mom’s face light up at the comedy and fun.

National Night out Day. 

After so much work behind that desk for months and days, you might want to consider this day to take off that heat. Every first Tuesday of August.

And my best of all,

National Underwear Day? Don’t blame me…am dumbfounded right now.

5th August is the D-day! TOMORROW. Just like it was started on 5th Aug 2003 by Freshpair, the day has been celebrated worldwide.

        …if you are like many American,            your mother warned you to always wear clean underwear because you never know when you will be in an accident…

So that explains it. There may be other reasons depending on the celebrant. Just make sure you have a clean one on.

National Writers Day! Well yes. Am certain it should fall somewhere too on the calendar. Will look up.

Nevertheless, dont forget to celebrate each day because you are alive. 
love always.

quote challenge 1

First of all am not a narcissist. But I thought why not join this quote challenge fun. I may have nominated myself but I sure got the inspiration from by Alysia and Mike Sencyszak. It is always wonderful to share things that move you emotionally and spiritually.

So here are my 3 quotes.




Yup. That’s what’s keeping me alive.

love always

crashing the voices in me


Hola Amigos! Gracias it’s SUNDAY.

And yes am writing this on a Saturday. Am yes because I feel Good…So GOOD. Actually am feeling blessed.

So I was walking along the sea wall taking some exam heat off. I was actually thinking too. Earlier I blogged about ‘faith’ and here I am having all these questions, confusion,

emptiness (am missing my friends) and so on. Yeah, we do come to that point of life. All of us. Even the strongest, richest, smartest, clueless

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against all odds

Sometimes we think we have lost. We loose hope. We think that’s it. But if you take time, dig deep within yourself,

You will definitely make a decision. Even if that other inner being tells you, ‘what are the odds?’

So what are the odds that CK will…

Chapter 1

The ball kept tossing against the wall. And none other than the ALmighty CK was doing it. Whatever was on his mind, it better not be the reports on him in the people magazine. Something had been written about him that made no sense. And neither did it make sense to his friend Juan as he watched him endlessly work himself out with that stupid ball. He could see him gnawing and the muscles on his jaw kept moving. Yet he wouldnt speak.

With one last toss, he hit the wall so hard the ball bounced back and almost knocked Juan who was coming around to face him.

“Hey dude!” Juan said. Then decided okay his friend was not in the best of moods. “Argh…,” he growled at him instead and added, “You’ve done that for the whole of the past hour, man. What’s on your mind?”

CK didnt listen.


Chewing at his lips, CK turned and walked away to the bathroom. Juan would have followed, but he stayed put. Checking his watch, it was already dark and they had to leave.

That nutcase…, Juan was thinking. 

The door swung open and the manager walked right in. He said they had to leave for the dinner already.

Pursing his lips, obviously Juan had nothing to say. And to be honest – annoyed too.

“Why are you just standing there?”

Juan used his thumb to point to the bathroom at his back. The manager shook his head. He was about to say something when the bathroom door opened.

CK strode past them to the bedside picked his phone and wallet.

“Oh. Hmm I – I think you just got a message?” Juan was actually telling him. Considering the air around CK, he hoped the answer to this evening misery lay in that message. It looked like his friend might have been waiting for a signal from the phone or whatever it was.

But CK glanced at his manager who hardly said anything. He asked, “Is it time yet?”

The much older man winced.

Not minding him either, he checked his phone.

“Is it just me, or do I smell a disaster coming?” hissed the man to Juan.

Irking his head at him, “More of a tsunami,” he hissed back.

“Maybe we…” The manager stopped when CK span around again and had his eyes wide.

“YES!” came his loud outburst. 

Both men stared at him expectantly. Good news finally? 

“Yesss…” CK threw a few punches of victory in the air. So happy, he gave them the best smile they had been probaby waiting for since the day began. He grinned at their faces.

Juan crossed his arms on his chest and waited.

“Woa. Cant believe this. Wow,” he continued happily. CK checked his phone again went through the message for a second before he looked back up again. Looking from one to the other, he smiled and said, “I dont think I’ll be joining you guys. Going somewhere.”

The man stood pointless. “What do you mean?”

CK was at the dresser already checking himself out. Rolling his sleeve, he glanced at the time and asked his friend to get him a shirt. Taking off the vest, he swung quickly into a pair of jeans. His manager asked where he was heading to. And coming to an understanding quickly, he went on and said he didnt need to ask since it was CK’s hometown. 

“But your security matters to me. The boys went out so you wont have a bodyguard. Should I come with you?”

CK said he didn’t need him. After dressing, he picked the ball and told him not to worry. Throwing it over the bed, he turned for the door. Before the man could say more, the ALmighty was already out taking long strides through the hotel hallway. He got his shades and put them on. With this look…, he looked exactly what he wanted to be for the next couple of hours. Just couples? He didnt think so. Perhaps hours and hours. He couldnt stop the excitment.

Outside he met with a woman who happened to be on her early thirties. She took off her glasses and stared at him.

“What happened to the clothes I picked out earlier?” She asked not taking her eyes off his faded jeans and polo shirt. “You look so ordinary!”

“Blame Juan.”

“Hey!” the young man of Cuban decent was right behind him matching his long strides to the car. His mouth was agape at his friend. He gave him a look and reminded him that he was not his personal stylist. CK inserted the car key and jammed the door open. One leg inside, he told her he was content with his look.

“And he’s going out with no guard.”

She raised her eyes at both Juan and the manager. She didn’t understand what was going on. “And the dinner? Where’s everyone?”

“On break,” CK told her.

“And the show?”

He rolled his eyes upward. “Its wednesday, Amy. Three days to go. Someone’s got to rest.”

“And the dress rehearsal?” she asked. “We dont have time.”

“True,” agreed the manager.

But CK did not listen. He instead stepped fully inside his Black Rolls Royce. Stepping on the engine, he started… “Hello? What are you doing!”

Juan who landed himself at the back threw him a weird look. “You could need me, buddy.”

Glaring at him, “Yeah. Like picking out a polo shirt for me. No thanks.”

Juan smiled. “We could exchange.”

“Thank you. But no thanks.”

Knowing the appointment meant that much to his buddy, Juan gave up. Whatever it was, at least CK was back on track. 

The ALmighty drove off. Glancing at his wrist watch, he swore at the time. He was already late, he thought getting his wheels on the road.

Everything could wait.

But tonight could not wait.


On note, every charater and situation is fictional and original in case of any coincidence observed. ‘Against all odds’ is actually not the original title but is ‘back to me.’ I suck at titles. Sorry guys. But hope you enjoyed this first part. Comment and like if for a next part.

Love always.


It’s so funny. Interesting. Sad. Pitiful and surely surprising.
People come into our lives. You dwell on them. You laugh. You share. Crack jokes. Talk nothings. You believe in them and decide, yes, these are my true friends.

Umm…they are your friends. 

But that is only because you are in good shape. Account as good as Donald Trump. Powerful as 1D. successfully as Taylor Swift. Beautiful as me. And so on. They will have your full undivided attention. And you are fully sucked into this friendship thinking, yeah…they are my closest shield against this wicked world,


Then lightening strikes!

It all happens so fast, like a plague. They disperse off to different directions. Probably not wanting to look back. Your true friends are gone in no time. And in a day. Week. Perhaps months. Till then, you will never hear from them. Why? Because everything that had them bonded to you is destroyed. You are back to zero. So their doors are shut.

These my true friend, are the same people we live with in our daily lives. And they are close to us. People we hope to help us pick the pieces. People that we hope to help us,

‘In need.’

Friendship isn’t about whom you have known longest. But about who came and never left your side.

Don’t feel alone. Hebrews 13:5

Love always.

Faith within Us.

I ‘think’ I can do it.

It’s one statement you hear from anybody. Literary everyone.

I’m doing it?

No. You dont just hear it from anybody. Literary such statement will come only when something expected is finally ‘happening.’

But why wait it to happen?

“Wow. I have passed my exit exam! Mom. Dad. Am doing it. Am progressing. Life is awesome.”

Hmm. I understand the excitement. Yes you have made it where many have failed. 

However, as you were preparing for the exam, things were not going right for somebody else. Perhaps their friends couldn’t help them with their notes. Maybe they didnt trust that they could actually do it. Why? Because they had bad scores in their quizes and tests. Or were also going through something emotional and felt so much under pressure. And it is at this moment where most people break. They loose.

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see, Hebrews 11:1. 

I have witnessed my friends loose. And yet am winning.

Why? Because I chose the statement ‘am doing it, no matter what the world throws at me. I have learnt that living positive is such a wonderful thing. Declaring good things upon yourself with your own mouth is saying that you have faith in yourself.

I have heard stories where people have said “hey you are dreaming so big,”sarcastically. But if others have achieved their own, who are you not to? An alien? 

Faith yields hope, 

So don’t be hopeless. Be faithful to yourself from within.

Love always.