It’s so funny. Interesting. Sad. Pitiful and surely surprising.
People come into our lives. You dwell on them. You laugh. You share. Crack jokes. Talk nothings. You believe in them and decide, yes, these are my true friends.

Umm…they are your friends. 

But that is only because you are in good shape. Account as good as Donald Trump. Powerful as 1D. successfully as Taylor Swift. Beautiful as me. And so on. They will have your full undivided attention. And you are fully sucked into this friendship thinking, yeah…they are my closest shield against this wicked world,


Then lightening strikes!

It all happens so fast, like a plague. They disperse off to different directions. Probably not wanting to look back. Your true friends are gone in no time. And in a day. Week. Perhaps months. Till then, you will never hear from them. Why? Because everything that had them bonded to you is destroyed. You are back to zero. So their doors are shut.

These my true friend, are the same people we live with in our daily lives. And they are close to us. People we hope to help us pick the pieces. People that we hope to help us,

‘In need.’

Friendship isn’t about whom you have known longest. But about who came and never left your side.

Don’t feel alone. Hebrews 13:5

Love always.


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