crashing the voices in me


Hola Amigos! Gracias it’s SUNDAY.

And yes am writing this on a Saturday. Am yes because I feel Good…So GOOD. Actually am feeling blessed.

So I was walking along the sea wall taking some exam heat off. I was actually thinking too. Earlier I blogged about ‘faith’ and here I am having all these questions, confusion,

emptiness (am missing my friends) and so on. Yeah, we do come to that point of life. All of us. Even the strongest, richest, smartest, clueless

…and this is where people get that opportunity to attack you and your faith.deee

May I remind you that even Jacob whom people saw as most fearful man of God had his own worries? Some people never understood what he went through. He knew God and yet he lived in sorrow because he missed his son Joseph.

So no body should put your faith to test just because they are seeing you at your weakest. Am talking about myself here. But if you have been in the same situation you surely can relate. Saturday morning I woke up from a terrible dream which I prayed about instantly. But the prayer didn’t just stop on coming against the power of the enemy, it went on and on. I found myself bringing out all that was on my chest, deep within my heart. And later this Saturday evening at the sea wall I found myself asking myself, ‘Am I not asking too much from God? Am I not being too greedy?’

Getting back to my apartment, after watching Central Intelligence, I lay on my bed restless. Of course I had my fine share of laughs with Kevin Hart’s comedy. But you can’t blame me for switching moods swiftly. The Lord is already doing all these wonderful things for me, and yet am asking for more. Yeah that again! 20mins and I became overwhelmed by this song; let go by Dewayne Woods. My spirit told me to play some more gospel music. Just as I was about to start singing along, the questions came back. Am asking for this…am asking for that. Is it not too much?

“I think I need to pray about this,” I told myself.

But I took the Bible first for guidance and asked God to just tell me something, anything to stop me from questioning myself.  And just as he says  ask…he delivered this,

‘Is not your fear of God your confidence, 

and the integrity of your ways your hope?’

Yes that’s the first page I opened. Job 4:6

God talks to us. He Listens and answers, but its up to us to choose to ‘accept that he is listening and not limit him. God wants to move us but we don’t want to. He can actually do all the things that we ask of him. Job 5:9 says,

‘who does great things and unsearchable, 

marvelous things without number


Amigos…don’t doubt your faith. Know that you can count on him for any cause, whatever the multitude.


let go – Dewayne Woods

light everywhere – Israel Strong

love always


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