Why You Should Be Proud To Be An Introvert

Are you an Introvert too?


For one of my classes this past year, we had to take personality tests as an introduction. All the tests gave me the result that I’m an INFJ. The “I” stands for introvert, the “N” for intuitive, the “F” for feeling, and the “J” for judging. I learned that my personality type makes up 1% of the population. I went into further research but the one that caught my attention the most was the “I.”

It’s no secret to me that I am shy and quiet when it comes to meeting new people and being in big groups. I started to feel bad because I took that as I’m antisocial and not outgoing. But, I started to go deeper and deeper into it and I found that being an introvert doesn’t even mean your shy and it isn’t a bad or negative thing.

Introverts, like myself, value our alone time…

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