national days you may have zero clue about!

And kicking off with this…

And ridiculously I woke up to that radio announcent. Guess the look on my face! Well you can all enjoy this marvelous 4th August by taking your time off and spend it in the kitchen or bakery to celebrate.

However, everyday has its story. Whoever discovered ‘national days’ thank you. So many things to apprepreciate here. I get to skip work. I get to wake up late. I get to gatecrush a movie night. Oops so much. And I get too also Blog and check up my stats. 

Meanwhile as my eyes popped out to the knowledge of celebrating this chocolate chip day, my mind told me the radio presenter must be crazy. Chip day! For real? 

Yes for real. Google answered the QN. National chocolate chip day. And as usual everytime one tries to search a particular item, other related things pop up. August national days. May national days. International days. OK perhaps I have been living in a cave. How come I had no idea? What’s wrong with facebook these days no body posting about it. And am terrible with twitter so I guess I missed. 

But I promise am going to make an effort to participate in the fun. Why??? Because I missed all this!!!

National raspberry cream pie day on 1st August.

 Who wants to miss a sweet delicious pie? Especially made by somebody else. No energy lost. Just chilling back and enjoy the taste.

National Girlfriends Day on 1st August too. 

I missed this one most. Apparently this is for every female species. Daughters. Mothers. Sisters. In-laws. Girlfriends. You decide who you have missed a lot and just go out and feel up the lost time. Shopping. Drinking and eating. Cooking etc.

National Respect for Parents Day. Founded by Marilyn Dalrymple from Lancaster CA was created to recognize all efforts parents put into their children. I missed this one too! Bad moms wasn’t out then but would have loved to see my mom’s face light up at the comedy and fun.

National Night out Day. 

After so much work behind that desk for months and days, you might want to consider this day to take off that heat. Every first Tuesday of August.

And my best of all,

National Underwear Day? Don’t blame me…am dumbfounded right now.

5th August is the D-day! TOMORROW. Just like it was started on 5th Aug 2003 by Freshpair, the day has been celebrated worldwide.

        …if you are like many American,            your mother warned you to always wear clean underwear because you never know when you will be in an accident…

So that explains it. There may be other reasons depending on the celebrant. Just make sure you have a clean one on.

National Writers Day! Well yes. Am certain it should fall somewhere too on the calendar. Will look up.

Nevertheless, dont forget to celebrate each day because you are alive. 
love always.


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