TV evolution in my life!

At least every one will agree that television series and soap operas are one thing that no matter where the world takes us…be it Trump becoming President… these are going no WHERE! And we the fanatics are here to STAY!

I clearly remember the times I was introduced to tv series. I was young as 11 but mature enough to know that Ethan in passions was hot for my eyes. And I fell in love with the fact that Miguel’s heart was for a vulnerable girl Charity. I loved Timmy because he was a a doll that speaks.” I loved this soap extra much.But then was same thing when I discovered sunset beach, days of our lives, bold and beautiful, young and restless and believe me I watched in secret. My mom better not catch you! You all know what am talking about.

Then I hit puberty. The time where your hormones hit the road. I had so many unrequited crushes and what way to comfort myself. Tuning in on the local channels to watch spanish/mexican telenovelas. Oh my…like series aren’t enough to draw your heart in, so did these never-ending soaps.The drama and twists made sure you stick around even though it would take three years for this particular soap to END! Maria de los Angeles, secreto, woman of my life, gardeners daughter, Theresa, don’t mess with an angel, forbidden passions and everyone’s favourite second chance. 

Because tv discovered high viewers count on telenovelas, yeah, what other way to confuse us more than this! Philipino telenovelas! Captivating too. No list here. Sorry. Okay I will just mention my fav because I feel unjustified. Pangakasayo, the long wait, till morning comes, the promise among others.

A few years later, am an adult now who just returned home from college. And what better way to enjoy the holiday. My brother inserts this CD in the player. He says it is a thrilling movie. Okay…no prob. We all anxious and cant wait to,

“Chinese movie?!” I exclaimed in disbelief. “You want us to watch karate and speeding cars! Really?”

He laughed then. “Korean actually. And you will be surprised. Just stick around.”

Stick around on a korean movie?


Hmm yeah.

Thats what has happened to not only me, but hundreds and millions of people out there! Since 2012 I have stuck around to date. Fortunately it was not a movie. It was an episode of yet more to come episodes! And we couldn’t wait. Iris was my first Korean miniseries and it captivated my soul. But the tragic end left me empty. So I had to find another miniserie to console me. Ju mong a historical type came into my life. Then the list dragged on. Queen, master’s sun, heirs, boys over flowers, flowerboy next door, dong yi, the maid, mirror of the witch, oh my ghostess, secret love, hyde jakyl me etc. So to say, k-drama has been my life…

Alongside current seasonal series like game of thrones, baby daddy, the originals,suits, grays anatomy, Jane the virgin, devious maids, big bang theory, OTNB, Brooklyn nine nine, the flash, empire, 

Until recently when I discovered YouTube. You maybe wondering ‘where in the world was she all along not to know!’

I knew.  

But I didn’t know such a thing like YouTube channels existed! I was in my room when my friend walked in all excited. She showed me a picture of an interracial couple on Instagram. I had no clue what Instagram was all about too lol. I loved the couple though and as a writer, I always have a need to know how different people end up in such romantic relationships.The story behind. She embarked on the journey of telling me how this Australian couple jamieandnikki met and that the lady is sudanese model and guy videographer.

“Just go check them out on their channel. Its called jamieandnikki. You’ll love them.”

What did she mean? So these two were this rich to have a channel?? Gotta check them. “Where do I find them?”

She looked at me with that look. Gal, seriously?

“What?” I asked. “Why you looking at me like that?”

“Because you are the weirdest person I’ve ever known. Where else would they be?”

I shrugged. I had many options. TLC for one is a family channel. It could be on cable too. 

“YouTube you dumbass.”

Woa what? “YouTube is a channel all along!”

I cant explain the shock on her face at my ignorance. But yeah, I was. She had to explain how the channel thing worked. And guess what? I was impressed. I put my kdrama aside to watch this amazing couple. My lord Jesus, I would have stopped somehow for a lunch break, but when YouTube suggestions come up…you definitely got to check out. And that’s how I ended up on the other side of you may like this.

Yes, I liked most of the channels. The nivenulls, patriciabright, adannaanddavid,iisuperwomanii, fusetube, laurdiy, swoozie, jeffreyfever, dolan twins, pewdiepie, ricegum, mystikjokes and I subscribed to most of these because they are so entertaining! The pranks, the ships, the cultures, the family drama…you cant get enough. Woah. And seeing the number of subs and comments, I realized how many people in different parts of the world sit behind their computers to keep up with what’s happening next waiting for a notification that another video has been uploaded. Wow.Now I can’t even tell which new k-dramas are trending! When am not doing my work, am glued to YouTube. 

Well its 2016. Who knows what could come next by 2025?

love always.


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